Our Teachers - North Dartmouth, MA

Miss T letter Board — Kindergarten in North Dartmouth, MA
Kiddie Kampus is a firm believer in education and certification. We continually provide educational opportunities for our staff. The teachers here at Kiddie Kampus are certified and will provide your child a safe, fun and educational experience. Our teacher turn-over rate is low. Many of our teachers have been here for the past 5, 10 or 15 years.

Our infant and toddler room teachers are nurturing and will provide your child with individual care and attention.

Our pre-school teachers provide just the right mix of fun and educational activities that will stimulate your child and prepare him or her for Kindergarten.

Kiddie Kampus also has a certified Kindergarten, so you can decide to enroll your child here, instead of a public or parochial school. Our class size is small, which guarantees lots of small group activities and individual attention, preparing your child for first grade.